Born in a crossfire hurricane, tempered in a furnace of financial adversity, addiction, betrayal, death and decadence, the members of The Psychic Alliance have risen from their origins in saloons and gutters to earn the ragged wounds of their excesses and glut themselves on the wine of their fornications. Psychic superheroes with a penchant for wild bacchanalian performances and forays into the wilderness of ritualized communal catharsis, these miscreants and guttersnipes have painstakingly carved their bloody initials into the flabby paunch of Vancouver's underbelly. Whether you like to fight, fuck, rage, riot, or just dance until you puke ectoplasm, the Alliance will lay their souls on the line to get you on the team.



"At that point, I began to fear for my life. The Psychic Alliance was clearly an insane religious cult, and had probably spiked everyone’s drinks with MDMA and cyanide. A screen projecting artsy visuals displayed an error message: “Your device has been disconnected.” That was exactly how I felt.
-Vivian Pencz, Georgia Straight.

"The powerhouse spectacle of the Psychic Alliance is a force that needs witness to understand. The monumentally talented Vancouver band cut their teeth with any genre they can get their hands on, which quickly becomes apparent upon listening to their latest release, as they hop seamlessly between reflecting, interpreting and satire of multiple styles. The brash, eccentric humanoids of this band are not only incredibly well rounded on their instruments, but also well versed in the art of showmanship."
-Kyle Shick, Beatroute.