The Psychic Alliance


Listen to the new Psychic Alliance album
Evil Against Evil

1. Evil Against Evil - 0:00
2. No Fixed Address - 1:34
3. Nice People - 5:17
4. Julia Peculiar - 8:47
5. Crystal Cage - 11:29
6. The Octopus Is Sad - 13:41
7. Yesteryear - 15:59
8. Great God Pan - 19:28
9. Aquatic Rat - 26:10
10. Maggie Malone - 29:17

Recorded live off the floor at the studio of stalwart garage rock impresario Felix Fung (Chains of Love, Girlfriends and Boyfriends), Evil Against Evil advances the recent resurgence in bands focusing on performative, warts-and-all recording techniques that hearken back to the days before pro tools and auto tuning became the industry standard.

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Crystal Cage

Evil Against Evil sees the Alliance making a sharp stylistic shift from synth-driven new wave and punk to a heavier vintage garage rock sound. While still incorporating hook-laden songs and vocal harmonies, The Alliance has added a fine layer of hard-edged MC5 style guitar interplay and swirling transistor organ for a sound that recalls the great proto-punk psych bands from 1960's Detroit and the Nuggets box set.
With a startling variety of styles incorporating punk, metal, new wave, psych, dub and prog, and a tendency towards thematically linked, cohesive song cycles, Evil Against Evil will appeal to any listener who longs for a return to finely crafted, album oriented rock music. This is their first release for Vancouver Island based label NoiseAgonyMayhem.